Citizens through Christ (Tuesday, November 10, 2020)

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Philippians 3:17-21

Dear friends in Christ, the creation intent of God is the have a race of embodied worshipers on a glorious earth heavy with the fruits of God-centered human endeaveour, produced by righteous men and women who worship Him, represent Him, and rule for Him in every area of life. The Fall into sin did not overturn or halt this intent; rather, in the providence of God, it drew it to unparalleled heights. In this age, the seed of the new humanity – chosen from among all the nations of men – is the Church. Since we are the new humanity, it is therefore our duty to live up to the demands and delights of the God ordained at creation. Let’s hear more on the theme: Citizens Through Christ, carved from Philippians 3:17-21.

Our context is a details of expressions, responsibilities, and fruits of the genuine Christianity that creates the new humanity. It illustrates the faith that finishes the earthly race well. It shows how the believers’ citizenship in heaven, a chief blessing of genuine Christianity, expresses itself in radically life-altering ways:

  • Heavenly Citizens imitate godly examples. The primary thing about us Christians is our citizenship denotes not only status, but an entire course and manner of life informed and governed by that status. Thus, we are urged to conduct ourselves, living as citizens worthily of the gospel. The idea is that we live a certain way, believe a certain way, choose a certain way, communicate a certain way, feel and respond and relate and value a certain way, because we are citizens of heaven.
  • The Lord Jess is our supreme example of godliness, though He is first of all our sovereign Saviour and Lord. Jesus had no falleness to speak of. He is good to give us examples to follow as we do though we live for in the context of a sinful nature and fallen flesh.

We are to model – virtue, victory over the flesh, enduring love for God and others, loyalty to the truth, and more. St. Paul, though a sinner like us gained the victory over his flesh through yieldedness to the indwelling Spirit in him. We can adopt all the strengths of Jesus and become like Him through the power of the Holy Spirit – gaining victory over own flesh, the devil and the world around us.

  • Heavenly citizens flee ungodliness – because ungodliness and likentiousnes expressed by unbelievers enmity with and contradictory to the gospel. The gospel is who Jesus is, and what He did, to save sinners from their sin! Jesus gave Himself to purify a people for His own possession, who are zealous for Good works. (Titus 2:14).

Ungodliness is shameful glorying in the very things that should be our shame. We forget the transformed life as the path to final salvation and evidence of union with Christ needed for acquittal at the final judgment! We all have the seed of an enemy of the cross in our hearts.

  • Heavenly citizens anticipate future glory – our future hope changes how we live now. Citizenship is both position and lifestyle that flows from it. It is an objective reality with subjective implications and impacts on every detail of life. Jesus is our King. We therefore submit to Him. Our falleness must bow to His authority. When Christ calls, we must arise sick and frail bodies to glorious, spiritual bodies to live eternally. This is our hope!

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, might we walk the pathway of hope in persevering in imperfect, but growing real goodness enabled by and in the context of grace created citizenship in heave. Amen

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