The Reward of a Faithful Steward (Saturday, September 5, 2020)

You are listening to:The Reward of a Faithful Steward (Saturday, September 5, 2020)

Luke 12:42-48

Child of God, the servant who knows what his master wants is held responsible to take action. If he doesn’t believe his master, that doesn’t alleviate his punishment. He knew it and refused to believe it and act upon it. What the servant is expected to do in the words of Jesus is to “get ready”. One who gets ready is faithful. For the sake of our soul’s nourishment, feed with me on the theme: The Reward of A Faithful Steward, taken from Luke 12:42-48.

These parables of Jesus apply to us – you and me. Jesus is the Master. We are the servants or stewards. Some of us are dead servants or stewards. We have been given responsibilities to fulfill in this age between Jesus’ First coming and His second coming. Some have been given much and have produces much for the Lord. Think of the early Church Fathers. Think of Emperor Constantine, Martin Luther, and John Wesley; William Carey and Mother Theresa; Mary Slassor and Thomas Ajayi Crowther; Samuel Bill and Jonathan Udo Ekong.

Some of these individuals were rich in the world’s good, but most came from poor homes. The riches they were given were spiritual, not material. I think of David, the shepherd boy from Bethlehem, whom, the scripture declares, “served God’s purpose in his own generation”. (Acts 13:36).

I want to do the same. I desire to serve God’s purpose in my own generation. I want to be a faithful steward of Christ my Lord. I wants to be trustworthy among men, and trusted by my God. But, I have failed perfection. I am a sinner! I struggle to rise to my expectations of myself and the fulfillment of the dreams I believe God has put in my heart.

You, too, desire for God to use you. You have received much from the Master, and it is now in your hands to do with it what you can to prepare for His coming again. You fall short of His glory. You, too, fail. But you do not quit. You do not give up. Neither do you allow yourself to fall into self-indulgence and luxury. Instead, you seek His kingdom and Hi righteousness. Your heart is on the Lord, and He is leading you to do something important for him.

My dear fellow servant or steward of our Lord, Jesus Christ, I encourage you as I encourage myself with the words of Christ:

Be dressed and ready for service, Keep your lamps burning

Be watchful for Him, Even if He is delayed, don’t fall asleep

Be a faithful and wise manager or steward, Feed the servants under your care.

God has given you much, Be worthy of that sacred trust he has in you.

Let us pray: Lord Jesus, I to you on behalf of my fellow servants. Help us to remain faithful. Help us to keep serving you, even when it doesn’t seem that we are accomplishing anything. Help us to be the faithful servants you delight to find serving you and your household. As we lay our sins on you, cleanse and set us back on the way of service until you come to take us to your eternal Home. Come soon, Lord Jesus! Amen

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