Woes and Blessings (Wednesday, September 2, 2020)

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Luke 6:20-30

Dear friends in Christ, the Christian faith teaches a world view opposite to “more now”. The Christian faith is not materialistic but spiritual in focus. We are well past the ascendancy of Marxism but Carl Marx’s insistence on materialism and religion as the opiate of masses would be endorsed by the prosperity gospel preachers and many capitalists, and seem firmly entrenched in the hearts of many – rich, middle class and poor. What Jesus is teaching is corrective to materialism as a lifestyle and a worldview. Enjoy with me our spiritual Tonic on the theme: Woes and Blessings, taken from Luke 6:20-30.

I am not sure that the poor would agree of their blessedness, and the rich would probably laugh at a hopeless future for them according to Jesus. But Jesus is talking about a different kind of wealth than monetary wealth. He told a parable about the farmer who was so wealth that he planned to tear down all his barns and build new ones so he had enough room to store all his grain. He measured his wealth in possession, but Jesus’ commentary on his life was that he was “not rich toward God” (Luke 12:16-21).

Jesus is challenging our money – based value system and calling it worthless in these blessings and woes. True riches are spiritual. The poor are blessed because through their faith and trust in God, they are the heirs of God’s Kingdom. They are fabulously wealthy Children of the King.

The true wealth is theirs. The rich have nothing to look forward to. They have already received their comfort.

The next concept for contrast is the hungry and the well-fed. Jesus is saying to us that the tables will turn. And, that there is a food that is even more important than bread or foo foo or rice. That food is the spiritual food that satisfies the soul. Jesus says in John 6:58 “He who feed on this bread will live forever”. Jesus promises to live you who are poo, satisfied.

The next blessing/woe pair is that of weeping and laughing. Who has not wept? Who has not felt the pain of disappointment and loss, of rejection, of struggle? We al have. But, Jesus is talking about a different kind of weeping than just from pain and struggle. Jesus is talking about those who grieve for the unrighteousness they see all around them. As we share God’s broken heart for His world now, we will in the future laugh and rejoice at the great marriage supper of the Lamb of God (Rev. 19:6-9). We will sit down at the table with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – and Jesus in the Kingdom of God and enjoy their fellowship and feast heartily forever. (Matt.8:11).

Another Blessing and Woe pair is hated vs praised. The desire to be like, and our struggle with rejection make it clear that if we are seeking popularity and acceptance, then we may be severely deceived. The prophets of God in Israel were faithful to the Lord but thankless in their tasks. They suffered persecution and death. But God honour those who speaks His words at great personal risk. There is the prophet’s reward.

Jesus calls us to adopt by faith a value system far different from this that of this world. Ony God’s eternal value system will remain when He destroy this world’s. Blessed are you who trust in God’s value system.

Let’s pray: Lord, God, render listeners’ hearts pure for you. Purify and make them like gold to shine for your glory. Amen

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