Application Process

All applicants must complete the following:

  1. Compete Application Form.

Application forms should be requested from and returned to the Rector’s Office. Form may also be available at the examination center.

2. Submit Application Fees

The Application fee for the Pastoral Course is two thousand Naira (N2,000.00). The Application Fee for the Evangelist course is one thousand naira (N1,000.00). This fee must be submitted with the Application Form before the time of the examination.

These fees are subject to change.

3. Pass Entrance Examinations

All Applicants are required to take JEMLS entrance examinations. Applicant must pass the following entrance exams.

  1. Bible/General Knowledge
  2. English

4. Pass Entrance Interview

At the interview, each candidate will present the following documents:

  • Original copies of all academic certificates
  • Birth certificate or an official age declaration
  • A recent medical examination report signed by a recognized doctor
  • Certificate of Baptism
  • Confirmation certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if married)

Letter of sponsorship (This letter must be signed by a sponsor that promises adequate support)

Letters of recommendation from the applicant’s

  • Home congregation
  • Present station (as the case may be)
  • The Evangelist will submit a leter from his home District Superintendent: Pastoral Course candidates must submit a letter from the Superindent of the district he is serving).
  • Other letters recomendation will acknowleged.

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