Briefings And Resolutions From The 32nd Regular Lutheran Council

November 25 – 27, 2011


The 32nd Regular Council of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN) was held from November 25 – 27, 2011. The meeting of the highest policy making Body of the Church brought together the Presidency of the Church, the Registered Trustees, Members of the Board of Directors and the Ministerial Workers of the Church. Others who also attended the Council meeting were official Delegates from all LCN Congregations and some Observers.

After fruitful deliberations, the Council resolved as follows:

  1. That the new working theme: “Liberated to Serve Him Joyfully” adopted from the LCN Diamond Jubilee theme and drawn from Exo. 4:23; Lev. 25:10be used for the Church in 2012.
  2. That the Legal Adviser of the Church be mandated to write on behalf of the LCN to the Management of Airtel Nigeria Limited demanding that the LCN be furnished with all legal documents regarding to their Cellular Mast being mounted on her property at the Church National Headquarters.
  3. That a Committee for the Drafting of Bye-laws from the Revised Constitution of the Church be constituted.
  4. That all Scholarships relating to the JEML Seminary announced during our National Events be converted to Seminary Support fund but Awards of Excellence be maintained for deserving students.
  5. That each of the LCN Zones should run a Television/Radio Programme from 2012 to improve on the Church’s evangelism efforts and publicize the Church as well.
  6. That LCN Sunday Worship services be timed and regulated by Ministers planning and preparing for service and announcements written out and read.
  7. That the LCN should open at least, three Lutheran High Schools in the next five years and that Machinery be put in place for the opening of the Lutheran University of Nigeria in the next three years.
  8. That the LCN should formally launch her Malaria Initiative Programme by 2012 and run the Programme as a Community based programme with LCN Zones as her immediate Communities.
  9. That the status of a Circuit be given to LCN Ibadan, Akure and Oke-Ado with Headquarters at LCN Ibadan.
  10. That the Parish level of our Church structure be collapsed and its resultant related changes as contained in the Presidential Address be implemented.
  11. That from 2012, the LCN should raise a Central Poll of funds for the purchase of Land for our Church in Urban areas and that all communicants of the Church should make an annual contribution of Not less than N1,000.00 to the Poll.
  12. That a formal reception service be conducted in honour of our returning missionary to the Gambia, Rev & Mrs. Samuel William Essien for his effective representation of the LCN for 10 years in the overseas.
  13. That the LCN Events for 2012 as presented in the Presidential Address be observed as scheduled and that all National Events shall supersede all other events of the Zones, Districts, Circuits, Special Parishes and Congregations.
  14. That qualified LCN Ministers be allowed to take up appointment outside the church and that LCN Professional lay-persons who are interested be allowed to undergo Theological Programme at our Seminary and join the Ministry. The Board of Directors was mandated to draw up policies to guide the smooth running of the new scheme.
  15. That the Theological Education by Extension Programme of the church be given renewed interest to help in educating our lay leaders for mission work and that if after June 2012, the programme is not viably resuscitated, the present management of the Programme be changed.
  16. That from 2014, newly passing out Evangelists would be posted to virgin mission fields and that only an Evangelist who opens a station and raises it to at least 100 members would be qualified for admission into Pastoral Programme at the Seminary.
  17. That from 2012, the Seminary should evolve programmes for Men, Women and Youth Leaders at the National level for effective leadership in the LCN.
  18. That from 2012, the management of pension of LCN workers be turned over to any government approved Pension Managers of any workers choice.
  19. That Interim Monthly allowance as contained in the Presidential Address be given to LCN Workers with effect from January, 2012.
  20. That the Zones should draw up programmes (Seminars, Workshops, and Symposia) for our Elders and Deaconesses and invite renowned resource persons in the church to feature as speakers.
  21. Adopted the 2010 Audited Accounts of the Church.
  22. Passed the 2012 Budget of the Church which showed a total budgeted revenue of N247,537,117.00 and a total budgeted expenditure of N226,460,300.00 leaving an expected surplus of N21,076,817.00.
  23. Unanimously returned the serving National President/Archbishop of the Church, His Grace, The Most Rev. Christian Okon Ekong and the National Vice President/Bishop, His Lordship, Most Rufus E. O. Iwuoha to run the affairs of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria for the years 2012 – 2016.

A Thanksgiving session of the 32nd Regular Council was held on Sunday, November 27, 2011. The service witnessed prayers of thanksgiving, God’s continued directions for theChurch and the entire Christendom, and for peace in the nation.The service was rounded off with the celebration of Eucharist and had the National President/Archbishop of the Church, the Most Rev. Christian Ekong, as the Chief Celebrant.

We thank the Board of Directors, Board of Trustees, the Congregations and the Ministerial Workers of the Church for their unrelenting efforts in supporting the Church. God will always reward you accordingly.

Being liberated, Let us now serve God more joyfully – Amen.

Thank you and God bless.

The Most Rev. Christian O. Ekong Rev. Godwin U. Eshiet
National President/ Archbishop National Secretary

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