Our Hearts, A place of worship.

The Lord is near to those that call upon Him, He is ever ready to reach out to us so long as we are ever willing to let Him into our hearts. Our hearts is the centre seat where God occupies to work wonders through us, in us and with us. Hence, keeping our hearts pure, devoid of pollution and corruption makes it habitable for the Almighty to dwell in. The heart of man the Bible says is desperately wicked, but that is when it is filled with human thoughts and imaginations. When the thoughts about God dominates your heart, goodness and kindness, the very nature of God flows ceaselessly from your heart.
No one can keep his heart on God without having the word of God always before him. We keep people in our hearts because we remember the good or bad things they said or did to us. In other words, what keeps God right in our hearts is constantly bringing to remembrance the things He has said to us through His word. Keep His word before you, and you have His thoughts always in your heart.

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