Herdsmen Killings: Don’t Take Nigerians for Granted – LCN President Tells Buhari


Archbishop Christian Ekong

The President of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria (LCN), Most Reverend Christian Ekong, has called on President Muhamadu Buhari, to stop the killings by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

He said Mr. Buhari’s failure to stop the continuous invasion and occupation of indigenous communities by herdsmen showed he is indirectly supporting their action.

The clergyman, who spoke to The NEXT EDITION in an exclusive interview, Saturday, said the majority of Nigerians are losing faith in the government and could resort to self-help.

“Mr. President should remember the promise he made at his inauguration that he ‘belongs to everybody and nobody’ and ensure that those who are committing heinous crimes against Nigerians are brought to justice,” said the clergyman.

“Mr. President should not take the patience of Nigerians for granted and allow the killings to continue. When people are pushed to the wall, it is only natural for them to fight back in self-defence.

“Every necessary measure should be taken to stop the ongoing invasion, killings and occupation of indigenous communities by herders.

“Those asking people to surrender their ancestral lands to the herders in order to be spared should first go back to their communities and give out their villages and towns before telling Nigerians to do so,” Mr. Ekong said.

He argued that while God answers prayers, people in the position of authority should not abdicate their responsibilities and instead ask the people to offer prayers.

According to him, God has given human beings the free will to choose between peace or war, love or hatred, work or play, joy or sadness and to live with the consequences.

He said the advice by Mr. Buhari for Nigerians to pray to God for the killings and destruction by Fulani militia to stop was unnecessary and an abdication of his responsibility as the Commander-in-Chief of the Nigerian Armed Forces.

Mr. Ekong appealed to Nigerians not to take the laws into their hands but when necessary, defend themselves against marauding herdsmen and armed militia.

Continuing, he said, “It is good to pray for peace in our country, but we must also take practical steps to stop criminals from invading our communities and farming settlements.

“We have a duty to close our doors and keep our properties inside. We are a very religious people and many have abdicated their responsibilities because they believe God will do everything for them. Let’s, first of all, do what we can do and allow God to do his own part.

“I pray for our leaders to rise up and do the needful to bring peace and prosperity to our country,” the clergyman said.

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