Be Sobber and Humble Yourself to God – Most Rev. Iwuoha

by Samuel Udosen

The vice President/Bishop of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Most Rev. Rufus Iwuoha called on Christians as well as Nigerian to be sober and humble themselves to God.

This was made known on Wednesday which marked the beginning of Lent and a season of sober reflection otherwise known as Ash Wednesday. According to the Bishop, Ash Wednesday is one of the most important seasons in the Church year which mark the beginning of Lent. Lenten Season is a time for Christians to sit back and reflect on the things that made Jesus to come. It is a time to humble ourselves, a time of prayer and looking forward.

“In Lutheranism we attach importance to the season because it is the beginning of the Lent, it prepares us for the last journey of Jesus while he was here on earth because at the close of this season Jesus would be crucified on the cross, dead and buried, it is a time that Christians should reduce their intake to their eating and drinking habit in order to be focused much on their sins that led Jesus to the cross which he died so that they may have redemption and be liberated to Serve him joyfully. Especially the situation in our Country now need prayer much because the prayer of the righteous avails much, no matter the religion you belong. It is not a time people should be killing one another, but a time to make amend; not a time to be quarreling but of prayer to God”.

Speaking earlier on during the official opening of the Lenten Service at Jonathan Ekong Memorial Lutheran Seminary (JEMLS) affiliated to University of Uyo, the Director of Library and Information Service who is also the Dean of Assessment and Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Mission, Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA, Rev. Prof. Robert Roethemeyer in his message entitled “Rent Your Heart And Return Unto God” admonished Christians to turn unto God for he has turn unto man by sending his son to Come, suffered and died for man and paid the price for our redemption not with Gold or silver but with his precious blood.

“Jesus was on the Cross with Liars, Adulterers, Homosexuals, Lesbians, Niger Delta Militants, Boko Haram, Murderers, Armed Robbers etc. in order to win them to God. Therefore this 40 days of mourning, sober reflection, wearing sack cloth, robbing ashes, prayer and fasting, Christians should clean their houses and stand in the mirror of God to see their sins and it condemnation, then pray for forgiveness with a contrite heart. In Matthew 6:1-4; Jesus speaks of 3 traditional work of righteousness viz: 1. Alms giving; 2. fasting and 3. Prayer. These are work of piety and it should be done between a Christian and his God who sees and rewards in secret. At this period of 40 days fast, you may wear sack cloth, ashes or whatever but a sober heart is what god desires and that he will not despise”

The programme Themed; ‘’Re-sharpening For Effective Service Delivery In Lutheran Seminary’’ also ushered in a team of Academia from Fort Wayne University, Indiana, USA who delivered Seminars on Lutheran Liturgy and the Book of Concord and Lutheran Confession, and was wrapped up with a Holy Communion Celebrated by Rev. Professor Robert Roethemeyer.


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