SEMINAR PRESENTATION: Gearing up for Greater Exploits

Date: Wednesday 3rd February 2010

Time: 12:00pm +1GMT

Reporter: Mbosowo Usanga Edem (Seminerian)

Pictures By: Mfon David Sunday (Seminerian)


Seminar Presentations have been a normal activity in the Curriculum of Jonathan Ekong Memorial Lutheran Seminary. And it has been made stronger and more interesting by the present Rector. Rev. Daniel Inyang(Rabbi) and the faculty.

From the commencement of this academic year, there have been interesting and captivating seminar sessions on topics such as:

  1. The Causes and Effects of Denominationalism Delivered by Seminerian Raymond Sunday Obot
  2. The Concept of the Church in the New Testament. Deliverd by Akaninyene Andrew
  3. What Constitue the Burial Rites of a Chief in Ibibio Land By Emmanuel Thomas Udoh
  4. The Role of Education in Evangelism By Etim Udo Udofia.

These Sessions have really helped the students in so many ways.

presently, the Pastoral 3 students are the ones presenting the Seminars. And i must say, Most of them have proven that they are worth their salt. Look out for them during the graduation ceremony coming up in June. You will then agree with me that Lutheran Ministers are gearing up for greater exploits.

The Seminar Presentations comes up every Wednesday by 12noon to 2:00pm at the Seminary Chapel. You are invited to partake in this insightful and educative event. it is supervised by the amiable Rector, assisted by other lecturers. This day, Seminerian Gabriel W. Isine presented a wonderful and thought provoking topic: THE ROLE OF WOMEN IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHURCH. A copy of the Seminar Paper would be posted on this site soon. WATCH OUT!


Let me give you a tip of the Ice berg: Seminerian Isine in his paper said that “Apart from women forming themselves into choir groups, their presence makes the church to be lively. moreover…(page 15)


He also listed and explained certain vital roles played by women in the development of the church such as caring for the sick/needy, caring for minister’s welfare etc.

In conclusion he opined that; “The role of women is obvious in all of our L.C.N Congregations…(page 16)

The question session was also very interesting. I cannot report on all the questions raised, but only on one that tickled my fancy. The question was quite funny but at the same time thought provoking. It went thus: “Is our life in the Seminary incomplete since the presenter said that life anywhere is not complete without the presence of the woman?” What do you think?

Have a great day.

Note: This report is basically the opinion of the reporter. And not a general opinion of the L.C.N.

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