You Shall Bounce Back

It is your season to bounce back. That is the simple significance of the copy of The Lutheran Herald you are holding. This newsletter, if you like, has been off circulation for pretty long time. Thanks be to God, here we are again. The God who alone knows how to call back dry bones to life and equip it with sinews, flesh, blood and above all, the breath of life, is never short at bringing back to life, anything that is dead in your life which was ordained for your good. That is the testimony of The Lutheran Herald.

Let me take advantage of this window to thank, on behalf of the College of Bishops, Trustees, Board of Trustees and entire members of the Lutheran Church of Nigeria the Editorial Team and all that contributed to the realization of this dream. I am persuaded, The Lutheran Herald has come to stay and therefore invite all Congregations, Districts, Zones and Fellowships to take advantage of this medium to cross pollinate, share ideas, communicate, promote and propagate this Gospel and business of our Lord and personal Saviour, Jesus Christ, which has been committed to our hands, till his glorious second coming.

I am certain God will use this magazine and subsequent editions to impact upon His people, touch, change and encourage lives, expound His word and expand His kingdom on earth. May the Lord Bless and keep you all in the faithAmen.


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