Believe without seeing (Monday, December 21, 2020)

John 20:24-29

Dear friends in Christ,

Thomas appeared to be genuinely interested in the truth, and was not afraid to ask question. He even asked Jesus that they do not know where he was going. Therefore, they wouldn’t know the way. In his pessimism , Thomas is often referred to as “Doubting Thomas”, but Jesus did not rebuke him for his doubt as for his unbelief-saying:

“Be not faithless, but believing”. I invite you for your spiritual nourishment on the theme: Believe Without Seeing drawn from John 20:24-29.

Doubt is often an intellectual problem – we want to believe, but the faith is overwhelmed by problems and questions. Whereas, unbelief is a moral problem; we simply will not believe. Thomas did not believe the reports on the resurrection of Jesus coming from other Christians – the other disciples and even the women and others on the road to Emmaus. Thomas might be admired by us for wanting personal  experience but the real problem was his laying down conditions for the Lord to meet – unless i see and touch!

The other 10 disciples told Thomas that they has the lord’s hand and side, so Thomas made that the test. He was there when Jesus raised Lazarus from death to life. Why, then should he have questioned the lord’s own resurrection? Wanting proof on the pretext that seeing is believing! However, we might think of how often we have refused to believe, insisting that God proves Himself to us!

There is a difference between belief and doubt. Doubt looks at the various problems around believing. Unbelief ask for evidence to believe. Jesus heard Thomas without anyone reporting to Him. He appeared and greeted them with peace! Jesus’ peace turned everything around. Thomas was no longer wanting to touch on seeing Jesus. He believed without touching Jesus was concerned about Thomas.

He is concerned about you. He wants to strengthen your faith in Him. He wants to include you in the blessings that He lays in store for His follower and believers in Him. Unbelief robs us of blessings and opportunities. Questioning Jesus’ power and acts may sound sophisticated and intellectual, but such are usually evidence of hard-heartedness and not of searching minds.

Christian living is not a scientific living which relies on validity of the test or experiment devised! We all live by faith. The object of our faith is the word of God. Jesus rebukes us saying, don’t be unbelieving. Believe in Me. I go to prepare a place for you. I will return to take you for myself. You will be with me where I am. Jesus will return in glory for all who believe in Him and receiving his forgiveness of sin life and salvation. Do not wait until the day of His returning, which will be too late! Today, has your salvation come!

Let us pray: Dear lord and Saviour, might we heed your rebuke not to be faithless but belief in you and the power of your resurrection for life eternal in your name. Amen.

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