Let Your Light Shine Before Men (Tuesday, December 22, 2020)

Matthew 5:16

Child of God,

Our Lord Jesus Christ applies to His disciples the word “light”, or essential light to show that they are not merely a light-bearer. They are not only to reflect or transmit this light, but they are to become themselves “lights.” We are not mere reflectors in ourselves, for we are dead and dark receiving and emitting rays. We are a new seat and center of spiritual life. Christ considers us as sanctified characters neither making noise nor seeking to draw attention to ourselves, but exerting influence in thought, motive, feeling and resolve of men. Let’s hear more for our spiritual nourishment on the theme: Let Your Light Shine Before Men, according to Matthew 5:16.

Light was the first the first creation and emblem of the Word. In the Word state, Christ appeared in light. When the word was made flesh, the glory was there, but veiled. Christ is the true “Light of the world.” Like planets and moon, Christians shine by reflection. Light is the figure of the church—the community of saints. The church enlightens the moral night of the world. We are to shine in union with Christ. That is why the city on the hill is probably alluded to Jerusalem, an emblem of the Church. Our light cannot be hid. It shines for the benefit of others—all that are in the house, family, the church and the world.

We are to shine in good works of justice in judgment and justice in dealings. We shine in beneficent works for the bodies and souls of people and even show kindness to our enemies. We are to shine in consistent works. The eyes of the world is keen to discern inconsistencies in Christians’ living. Nobody notices mud on the back of a sweep; but an ink on a lady’s muslin is a matter for animadversion.

We are to shine in noble motives not for self-glorification. Our works are to seen, not ourselves. There are to be seen not heard. It is the seeing of our good works that brings glory to the Father who is in heaven. Our beautiful examples are powerful influences. The light under a bushel will soon go out. The contained oxygen will be soon consumed. Bushels will conceal and extinguish the light of life. On the lamp-stand, it will live. We are the carriers of that light, Christ Jesus in whom we are in union to the world in what we are, in what we do, and in what we say. 

It was a dark world indeed when the light rose and streamed from Bethlehem. The gospel light quickens any life that might be in darkness. Although the whole world lies in darkness, God’s divine love in Christ Jesus our Lord as day shines all over it bringing life and hope and salvation everywhere. As God uses the atmosphere to carry his sunbeam, so Christ requires us to be His candlesticks, His lamp-stands, to lift up his light, so that all men might be brought unto Him. In our country, securing public electric power supply is a serious problem. But, Christ the light, can be so divided that each of us might carry forth, and hold up its full blaze. We can shine Jesus by Christly living, loving commendations, active efforts and sympathy that strengthens all other around us.

Let us Pray: Father in heaven, Your light discloses the way to heaven. It has no substitutes for it. For the reward of eternal life, might we discharge our responsibilities to your praise. Amen

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