We Fellowship Through Christ (Saturday, December 19, 2020)

1 John 1:1-7

Dear friends in Christ,

A Christian is enabled by Christ to maintain that habitual fellowship with God which is the very life of His Spirit. St John is speaking as one who pursues a great end, and seeks to attain it by fellowship with God and walking in the light. He appraises the merits of Christ’s blood as cleansing from all sin and would have everyone to hope for forgiveness of sin life and salvation for Christ’s sake. Let’s receive our spiritual nourishment on the theme We Fellowship Through Christ, taken from 1 John 1:1-7.

Every Christian seeks to live up to his privilege as a child of the era of God’s grace. The aim set before us here, however, is high for the taste of many. You cannot be content with a more distant relationship with God. Certainly, God is the almighty, lofty One inhabiting eternity, whose name is holy. But, He also dwells within us to make our heart contrite and our spirit humble. With such awe-struck reverence in sincere heart, as essential element of our Christian living, we are admitted to be in fellowship with God. We should not ignore God’s grace, but remember Him to be our Father as well as our King. He is as gracious as He is mighty; as loving as He is holy. It is only then shall we trust in Him and converse with a fellow man who is a blossom friend, and be able say with no presumption that we are in fellowship with one another.

The means towards this high end of fellowship with God is “walking in the light.” Walking in light simply means holy living. Righteous beings have fellowship with each other as soon as soon as they understand themselves. Good men are lovers of good men. As they fellowship with each other, so they have fellowship with the One absolutely good Being—God Almighty! With God alone is perfect fellowship possible. Why? Because God alone is light. In Him, there is no darkness at all. There is perfect moral simplicity and purity in Him.

Fellowship with friends can be very refreshing when there is satisfaction in each other’s character and company. This means that there is limit to the joy to be found in human fellowship. No matter how gifted a man is, his thoughts are apt to be exhausted. The most affectionate man’s love may have too great strain put upon it. Human temptress are often frail. But, there is only One person whose mind is inexhaustible in riches. His love can bear the heaviest burdens. He knows no moods and tempers and caprices. In Him is no variable essence or shadow of turning. That unique Being is Jesus Christ. There is no disappointment in Him. You can ever lift up your soul to Him in meditation, praise or prayer and find ever new delight, and satisfaction to the heart you seek in vain elsewhere.

We must maintain habitual recourse to the blood of Jesus Christ. We must see and acknowledge our sinfulness. Such owning of darkness is, in itself, light of truthfulness, sincerity, guilelessness. This is always a prominent feature of saintly character. We deny sin because of fear. But, with our eyes fixed on the cross of Christ, we are freed from fear for faith in the power of Christ’s death cancels guilts and keeps our souls free from guile.

Let us Pray: Heavenly Father, thank you for ever keeping open the fountain of Jesus blood for our sin and uncleanliness. Grant that in His forgiveness, we might fellowship with You. Amen

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