History of JEMLS


The Lutheran church of Nigeria (LCN) has always seen the training of pastors as a crucial requirement for the effective fulfillment of the Great commission of our Lord (Matthew 28:19 ? 20). Fours year after the founding of the LCN, on January 2, 1940, the seminary was established. However, due to the Second World War, that early effort was brought to an unexpected end in 1941.In 1949, most of the men of that early beginning returned to the December 1952.

For the LCN, Academic Excellency in Ministerial training has always been a priority in the training for the church?s ministry of the word and sacraments. In 1955, a ?long-range, permanent programme? was established. In this programme young boys were led through two years of junior seminary, four years of high school, and finally three years of senior seminary training. The seminary was known as Lutheran seminary.

Eventually the fine, ?long-range, permanent programme collapsed. Yet the seminary continued to provide high academic ministerial and theological training. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the Lutheran seminary has been involved in this noble venture for well over fifty years. It continues to improve its academic, Biblical and sound ministerial training to men who desire to lead the flock of God?s people with integrity and without shame. In 1989, Lutheran seminary was renamed after the founding patriarch of the Lutheran church of Nigerian; the Reverend Doctor Jonathan Ekong JEMLS has had successful graduates from Nigerian, Ghana, Liberia, Rhodesia, and Sierra Leone. Since 1994, JEMLS has been affiliated to the University of Uyo. This affiliation to the University of Uyo enables JEMLS to award qualified and successful students the University Diploma in Religious studies in addition to the seminary?s Diploma in Theology. The seminary is not content with the award these diplomas. The governing board of JEMLS, headed by Prof. E.J.Etuk of University of Calabar and the academic staff are working toward the award of degrees.

JEMLS has a sister- seminary relationship with Concordia Theological seminary, in Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.A. In this relationship the gifts the blessing that God has poured out and continues to pour out on both of these sister seminaries are shared for the well-being of the churches. Qualified staff and students are offered opportunities for graduate and post-graduate studies for the Master of Arts in Religious studies (MA), Master of Divinity (M.Div). Master of Sacred Theology (STM) and Doctor of Philosophy in Missiology (Ph.D), on the Fort Wayne campus.

Presently JEMLS is establishing a relationship with the Oswald Hoffmann School of Christian Outreach at Concordia University in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. to offer the Master of Arts in Christian Outreach (MACO), degree on the Obot Idim Campus.


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